Rental Car Sebastopol

loaner car sebastopolNeed a rental car in Sebastopol to get around town while your vehicle is undergoing accident repair at Key Auto Body? No problem! We offer rental cars for those who have rental car coverage in their insurance policy. We can also offer a free loaner car to those who don’t have rental car coverage with their insurance. Either way, it’s a simple process.

If you need a rental car and want to pick it up from our Sebastopol accident repair shop, we have on-site representatives from Hertz and Enterprise. To secure a rental car via your insurance policy, you will need your rental reference number. Once you have that number, the process of securing a rental car from Hertz or Enterprise is a snap!

If you do not have rental car coverage and require a free loaner car, no problem. Key Auto Body will lend you a free loaner car for the period of time your car or truck is in our shop for accident repair or dent removal. We do, however, appreciate it when you return the free loaner car to us with a full gas tank.

Plus, if you’re in a sticky situation where you’ve loaded up the family van for vacation and you had an accident on your way out of Sebastopol, we can help you out even further. We will be happy to deliver a rental car to your Sebastopol home, and pick up your damaged vehicle. Depending on the circumstances, we will either drive it to our accident repair facility, or pick it up via tow truck.

Either way, if you need a rental car or a loaner car in Sebastopol while your vehicle is with us for accident repair, you’re well covered with a way to get back on the road. Call today 707-823-7591 to reserve a rental car or loaner car from Key Auto Body.

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